Private Function
Terms & Conditions

  1. Please note:
    a) The party you are contracting with is Classic Hotels Ltd., which operates Dumbleton Hall Hotel.
    b) The word “Event” will be used to describe a breakfast, lunch or dinner or other gathering that has
    been booked using one of the function rooms where food or drink is being served as the main
    purpose of the gathering.
    c) The hotel General Manager has the authority to amend these terms and conditions at his discretion.
  2.  Number booked
    a) Provisional numbers will be asked for at the time of booking and the hotel reserves the right to
    agree a minimum number to be charged for the event. This is set out overleaf. Final numbers must
    be confirmed 14 working days prior to the event (not including the day of the event) and, subject
    to any minimum number, this will be the number you will be charged for.
    b) The hotel reserves the right to change a designated room after appropriate consultation if it is
    believe an alternative room may be more suitable for the event.
  3. Payment
    a) A deposit of up to 20% of the event fee must be paid upon confirmation. The minimum deposit
    payable for any event is £100
    b) All Deposits are non- refundable and non- transferable.
    c) The outstanding balance of the account is payable 7 days prior to arrival unless the hotel has
    agreed alternative arrangements. Credit will be given for the deposit paid.
    d) Completed Credit Application forms are required at least 21 days prior to the event for all
    customers requesting credit facilities. The hotel is under no obligation to grant credit. If credit is
    granted then settlement must be made in full on receipt of the appropriate invoice.
    e) If payment is to be made either by credit or charge card this must be made known to the hotel at
    the time of the booking. Only recognised cards will be accepted. The card must be produced by the
    signatory prior to the event.
    f) Events costing less than £250 must be paid by credit/charge card or cash prior to the event. Credit
    facilities will not be offered.
    g) Private functions must be fully prepaid at least 7 days prior to the event. Credit facilities are not
    offered to private individuals.
  4. Cancellation by the Customer
    a) Should you cancel your booking after the deposit has been paid. The deposit will not be refunded
    but used a whole or part of the cancellation fee.
    b) The following % will be charged as a cancellation fee using the estimated value of the event as
    created by the days business sheet or the current brochure price.
    If cancellation occurs 1-4 weeks before an event 90%
    If cancellation occurs less than 1 week before any event 100%
    c) NO CHARGE will be made in the following circumstances:
    If cancellation occurs up to 4 weeks before any event.
    If cancellation occurs up to 14 days before any event when the booking was made within 4 weeks prior
    to the event.
    When calculating the above periods, the actual day(s) of the event will not be taken into account.
  5. Cancellation by the hotel
    The hotel may cancel the booking at any time and without any obligation to you in any of the following
    – If the hotel or any part of the hotel is closed due to fire, alteration or re-decoration, by order of any
    public authority, or otherwise through any reason beyond the hotel’s control.
    – If you become bankrupt or insolvent or enter into liquidation or have an administrator, administrative
    receiver or receiver appointed over all or a substantial part of your assets.
    – If you are more than 30 days in arrears with payment to the hotel or company for previously supplied
    – If the event may, in the hotel General Manager’s reasonable opinion, prejudice the reputation of the
  6. Liabilities
    a) Please safeguard your property. The hotel will not accept any liability for loss of or damage to
    property or death or illness of or injury to persons unless caused by the hotel’s negligence.
    b) Unless the hotel is liable as referred to in (a), you will indemnify the hotel from and against any
    and all liability for loss of or damage to property or death or illness of or injury to persons and
    against any of the claims, costs, demands, proceedings and damages arising therefore as a result of
    the event.
    c) You are advised to consider your insurance cover in respect of (b) above.
  7. General
    a) Goods and services may not be bought or sold on the premises no tickets whatsoever may be sold
    at the event.
    b) The hotel name, logo and telephone number and name Classic Hotels may not be used in any
    advertising or other publicity without the prior written consent of the hotel General Manager.
    c) No signs, displays, posters or other material may be fixed to the walls of the hotel rooms without
    the prior authorisation of the hotel General Manager.
    d) If the contract includes you employing the services of an outside contractor then you will
    indemnify the hotel against any loss of or damage to property or death or illness of or injury to any
    persons and against all claims, costs, demands, proceedings and damages arising therefrom. Any
    outside contractor employed by you must report to the Duty Manager at the hotel and sign the
    hotel’s standard Contractors Indemnity Form. The hotel reserves the right to refuse access to any
    contractor in appropriate circumstances.