Group Overnight
Terms & Conditions

A Group Booking must be 10 guests or above to receive Group Rates.
One place free of charge for the duration of the stay on the same package as the group (BB/ DBB) will be offered for every 25 guests (26th guest FOC).

Provisional Bookings are held for up to two weeks dependant on date of Arrival (please let me know if longer is required).
After 14 days, a Non-refundable Deposit of £20 per guest is required to confirm the booking.
Three months prior to arrival, we will be seeking to confirm the number of rooms you require and 28 days prior to arrival we will request a rooming list Any rooms not allocated at this stage will be released from the group allocation.
The final balance of the group booking is required 21 days before arrival and any cancellations beyond this time from the group will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

All deposits are non-refundable if a booking/ part booking is cancelled.
The Hotel has the right to cancel the booking without obligations in the very unlikely events of fire etc, disputes with employees, alterations or decorations not finished on time, or by order of any public authority.

Parking/ Turning space for coaches is available with prior arrangement with the hotel.
Fire Precautions: In the unlikely event of a fire, the guests will use the fire exits to which they are directed.
Any materials, mechanical or electrical equipment brought in by you, or at your request, must be brought to the attention of the hotel in writing. The hotel’s consent is required and current relevant regulations apply. Thus, the hotel accepts no liability for any damage or injury as a result of the use of this equipment, unless it has been caused by the negligence of Dumbleton Hall Hotel or it’s employees.
Firework displays, helicopter landings etc in the hotel grounds are also subject to the above conditions. The hotel must hold a copy of the operating company’s Public Liability Insurance before permission is granted.
Prices are subject to change in exceptional circumstances e.g. a change in the rate of VAT, but will otherwise be held.