Weddings Terms & Conditions

Minimum numbers apply to all wedding parties taken on Fridays (x 60 daytime guests), Saturdays (x 70) and Sundays (x 50).
Minimum Numbers means Adults, and Children aged 15 – 17 years inclusive.
Children are charged on top of the package as follows:
Children aged 4 – 14yrs inclusive are charged at half the adult price (1/2 of the “additional guests wedding breakfast” charge, which varies according to each package); Children aged -4yrs are free of charge for their food (drinks, chair covers and evening food etc are chargeable as taken).
All Weddings on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays must take a Wedding Package from our Brochure.

Provisional Bookings are held for 14 days. A £1000 deposit is required to confirm the booking, which is credited from the balance of your final account.
A further interim payment of £1000 or the estimated value of the final account, whichever is least, is required to be paid 6 months prior to the wedding day and will once again be non refundable.
An in-depth discussion of details usually takes place no later than 6 months prior, upon which an estimated account is issued.
At 14 days prior to your wedding, all details must be confirmed with the hotel in order for the final account to be prepared and sent to you on this date.
Cancellations will not be refunded after this time. This is the amount you will be charged for, unless your numbers increase. The account must be settled 7 days prior to the wedding.
It is agreed that any food, drink or services not mentioned in the contract but asked for at the hotel will be paid when the bill is presented.

The deposit and interim payment are non-refundable if you cancel the booking.
If the booking is cancelled more than 6 months prior to the wedding date, no charges will apply other than a loss of your deposit (see above).
If the booking is cancelled between 3 and 6 months there will be a charge of 50% of the estimated total bill; or the deposit and interim payment withheld, whichever is deemed greater.
Cancellation of your wedding less than 3 months prior will result in 100% of the estimated total bill.
Cancellations must be made in writing to the hotel and will be deemed to take effect from the date received at the hotel.
Postponement of the wedding will be treated as a cancellation and the same Terms and Conditions will apply.
The Hotel has the right to cancel the booking without obligations in the very unlikely events of fire etc, disputes with employees, alterations or decorations not finished on time, or by order of any public authority.

The hotel strongly recommends that you consider taking out insurance to cover you in the event of a need to cancel or postpone your wedding day for any reason.
The hotel will pursue costs against you should you cancel or postpone your wedding as set out in our cancellation policy. The pursuit of costs relating to your cancellation or postponement will initially be dealt with by the hotel but in the event of an unsatisfactory conclusion the hotel will pass the matter of dealing with the debt incurred to an external third party to act on behalf of the hotel.

The hotel will permit the use of external caterers to provide Wedding Cakes, Candy Buffet, Chocolate Fountain etc on the day. Please discuss the details of external suppliers prior to booking them.
The hotel will not permit any other third party caterers or catering to use the premises or to provide food or drink to the wedding party.
Before signing the terms and conditions you should have received details of the packages that are made available by the hotel. If you wish something other that that which is published this should be discussed and then confirmed in writing prior to signing of the terms and conditions and payment of the deposit.
Any Wine, Sparkling wine or Champagne brought onto the premises for use before or during the wedding day will be subject to the published corkage charge.